Vel Hospital

Itteri Rd,

Vel Nagar Palani,

Tamil Nadu

India-624601‎ 04545 245 451

MobNo. 09942466002, 09942466002

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Our Vision

Vel healthcare is driven by the purpose of retaining and augment lives through clinical excellence and a global leader in the integrated healthcare delivery space. We provide expertise management at affordable cost and respect the need of our patients with quality treatment. A good result that has been continuously delivered by the team has increased our clinical work. This shows the confidence for people on us and on our work.


Compassion: our sympathetic awareness of each person's needs

Integrity: our dedication to honesty

Innovation: our pursuit of creativity

Respect: our commitment to treat everyone with dignity

Community: our understanding that we exist to serve those among us

Education: our belief that knowledge fosters excellence